This section is here to give you an overview over the most frequently asked questions.
If you have a question yourself, you can look through this document and see whether another legend already had the same question. If you don’t find your question here, just contact us via the “feedback” button or write us a personal email (just go on one of our profiles and click on “send message”).

What makes colegend different?

This is a project for your personal development journey; it brings together a lot of different personal development approaches that normally are only taught or referred to separately. We like to bring together the great parts of all of these approaches and bundle it together in an extraordinary journey.

What if I have never dealt with personal development yet? Am I still welcome?

Absolutely! A lot of people that join are “newbies”. Having a Mentor and that true human-to-human connection should really help you to “Level Up” quickly! And besides - you can take all the time you want on your journey - it’s your journey after all and you’re doing this for yourself, for the legend inside of you ;-)!

What is the purpose of all of this?

To bring more personal development legends into our lives, and thereby, enrich the world. This is a re-envisioning of the Mentor & Apprentice relationship while using modern tools and communication technologies in a fun & fantastical augmented reality world that forms real human connections while we all engage in a global salon.

How many Legends does a Mentor have?


Who matches up the Legends and Mentors?

Our system matches you to a number of Mentors who suit your interests in personal development, life areas and learning goals. You get the final say on which Mentor you learn with, after previewing what their fields of expertise are.

How much time do I spend with my Mentor?

It is the goal of all the Mentors to make sure that you as the Legend have enough attention to guide you down your own Development Path. There is ample time spent in the Feedback sessions with the Mentor as well as inside the community of the Tribe with the other 15 Legends.

Where do I hang out with other Legends?

We have a Slack channel for our Legends. But, perhaps more importantly, we think you’ll get a lot out of hanging out with your fellow Legends within your Mentor’s Tribe. Each Tribe has their own private community page. And in Slack you can have private conversations with any other Legend or communicate in the general channels for more open questions and inspirations.

How much does it cost for me as a Legend?

There is no application fee and no charge while previewing Mentors. After you select a Mentor and join their Tribe the monthly Membership Dues of €80 kick in. There is no long-term obligation and you can cancel any time. You also have the chance to reduce your costs by either applying for a colegend Scholarship or working in our Affiliate Program.

What if I’m worried I don’t have time to keep up with the program?

No worries! You don’t have to progress at the same rate as the other 15 Legends in your Tribe. You can go at your own pace, but just know that your Mentor will be there to prod you along the entire time and remind you of what is coming up next. It’s a bit like having a personal trainer.

Can I switch Mentors, and if so how often?

If you later decide that you do not like your Mentor, or simply do not get along, you can always drop out and join another.

Do Mentors get paid?

Yes. Mentors receive remuneration for their efforts.

What’s a typical week like?

There is no typical week because it is very individualized. Some Legends are very busy with real life and will Level Up in their own way. Some will be super progressive and fully engaged. However the Chapters are built up in a way that all their challenges can be managed in a month while still having a full-time job ;-).

Where does the name “colegend” come from?

The name consists of the rune “co” which emphasizes our core values of being conscious, connected, committed and complete. The word “legend” has a double meaning as for once it’s about each and every legend being a member in our community and also the legend, the story, that these members are creating by living a legendary life day by day.

How often do I interact with a Mentor? Daily, weekly?

You interact with your Mentor several times per month both directly, during one-on-one Feedback sessions that happen on every 5th Chapter, and indirectly as part of your Tribe. You and your fellow 15 Legends work on challenges and in a fun environment set up by the Mentor.

How do you meet every week when you are living all over the world?

We meet in a digital space using Video-Chat (at the moment that’s google hangout for us) and we follow certain communication principles / guidelines to approach a similar atmosphere as if we were meeting in person.

What roles can I take within colegend?

In general: every role you feel like taking. It is less about someone else permitting you to take it, but to decide for yourself if you are up for the rights and responsibility of the role you want to have.

Will I be paid for work I do?

Ultimately, we do have a payment model that tries to resemble the significance of a certain work for the community and values what is needed at any current state. At the moment that “payment” is non-monetary - talk to us about what we can provide that you could use right now, e.g. a personal coaching session.

Are people who occupy a role also paying on top of that for colegend?

As every member of colegend profits from the community and platform itself we encourage everyone to contribute to colegend - via money donation, time donation or another form of contribution.