Personal Legend Development Path

Chapters 1-9

The Chapters of the first Phase describe what happens to the "Legend Tourist" from Chapter 1 to Chapter 9. All Tourists start at Chapter 1 upon accepting their invitation from a Mentor into colegend. The Mentor’s job is to help their Tourists Develop through Chapter 10 and into realms beyond.

The overall purpose of the first Phase's Chapters, for you, the Legend, are manifold:

  • Begin making progress down your own personal development path
  • Show you how colegend works from the inside
  • Introduce you to your fellow Legends inside your Tribe
  • Encourage the group to cooperate and develop together rather than apart

The Chapters below are simply the bare minimum, a framework, so to speak. You may in fact do a great deal more with your Mentor, and they may extend to your special challenges. Also, the Mentor may have many live and recorded events that they will do in addition to what is below.

Other resources you may find valuable are the Expectations of a Legend and the Expectations of a Mentor. Lastly, you can find the answers to a great many questions on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Time Frame

It is expected that the Legend who has 1) an average amount of “Free Time” and 2) is interested in developing as a person will be able to “progress” through Chapters 1-10 in 10-12 months. The first 10 Chapters are considered the “Foundation Chapters” where you will get familiar with fundamental concepts of personal development, learn the culture and traditions of colegend, and then prepare for the “Focus Chapters” which begin in the expansion packs that start after Chapter 10.

...Details for each individual Chapter will follow soon.